Hawaiian word meaning fantastic, happy, refreshing, pleasant, nice and satisfied.


We strive to make your poke bowl experience ‘olu’olu. Like its tropical Hawaiian origin, our poké bowls are refreshing and fantastic. Our fresh and thoughtfully sourced ingredients are the keys to a satisfying and healthy poké bowl. Our menu is prepared fresh daily by our Executive Chef to ensure quality and deliciousness in every bite. Make your poke bowl as refreshing and harmonious as Hawaii itself at Poké Olu.

Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl - Poké Olu - Poke Bowls Plantation Florida

Poké Bowls

Inspired by big island flavors, our chef prepares harmonious Hawaiian poké bowl recipes. Sit back and soak in the tropical vibes – we’ll provide the perfect poké bowl combos.

Ahi Tuna Poké Bowl
Salmon Poké Bowl
Reef Shrimp Poké Bowl
Big Kahuna Poké Bowl

Ahi-Tuna Poke Bowl - Poké Olu - Poke Bowls Plantation Florida
Salmon Poke Bowl - Poké Olu - Fresh Poke Bowls Plantation Florida

Poké Bowl

You’re a fanatic and know how to make a poké bowl the way you like it. Pick your pleasure from our full list of poké bowl ingredients. Pack your bowl as full as you’d like with sushi-grade fish, alternate protein options, veggies, bases, homemade sauces and other add-ons. Pick your poké bowl to match your taste buds and your diet: Vegan, Vegetarian, Dairy-Free and Gluten-Free options are all available.

Choose One Base
Choose One Protein
Choose Four Veggies
Pick Your Add-ons
Choose your Toppings
Choose One Sauce

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